In addition to the roles listed below, Terry was also cast in Carry On At Your Convenience, as Mr. Allcock from the worker's union, and in Carry On Abroad, as an Irate Wundatours Customer, but those scenes were deleted during the editing process.[1]

Title Role(s) Wages
(if known)
Carry On Sergeant Sergeant Paddy O'Brien
Carry On Up The Khyber Sgt. Major Macnutt
Carry On Camping Peter Potter £2,500
Carry On Christmas (TV Movie) Various
Carry On Up The Jungle Ugh, the Jungle Boy £2,500
Carry On Loving Terence Philpot £2,500
Carry On Again Christmas (TV Movie) Squire Treyhornay
Carry On Henry Cardinal Wolsey £3,000
Carry On Matron Dr. Prodd £2,200[2]


A behind the scenes image from Carry On Henry shows Scott dressed as Queen Marie's baby!


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