Peter Butterworth[1]

When you're hurting from laughing so much you sometimes stop and think, I'm actually getting paid for this.

Peter Butterworth (4 February 1919 - 17 January 1979) was an English actor.

Shot down and captured while serving with the Fleet Air Arm. During his time as a POW, Peter performed in shows with Talbot Rothwell.

After he was demobbed, Peter made his film debut in William comes to Town (1948), before touring variety theatres with Harry Seacombe. In the early 1950s he joined forces with Peter Sellers and Spike Milligan for various experimental TV and Radio shows, such as Seller's Castle (1950) and Trial Gallop (1952).

Peter supported Terry-Thomas, as chauffeur-cum-handyman Lockit, in the TV sketch show How Do You View? (1950-1953). Became a children's favorite with Peter's Troubles (BBC 1953-1958), Kept In (ITV 1955) and Butterworth Time (1956). [2]


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