A zombie mad scientist animated by regular juicings of electricity, Dr. Watt seems to be a cross between Peter Cushing and Ernest Thesiger. Aided by the Oddbods, Dr. Watt kidnaps young women — virgins, for some reason — and "vitrifies" them, to be sold as store dummies. [1]


Dr Watt started out as a simple chemist, specialising in making little liver pills.[2]


Dr Watt was eventually killed when the re-animated King Rubbatiti forced him into one of the vats in the lab.[2]



  1. Valeria continually describes Orlando as her brother. It is unclear whether they really are related and, if so, which of the pair is the elder, as their ages are not stated. [2]
  2. When Slobotham asks 'Doctor Who, Sir?', Watt replies 'Watt. Who is my uncle, or was - I haven't seen him in ages!'.[2]
  3. Valeria mentioned Orlando's association with the Count while discussing what to do with Constable Slobotham.[2]


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