Margaret Nolan is an English visual artist, actress and former glamour model. She was born in Hampstead, London to Irish parents. Nolan was married to English playwright Tom Kempinski in 1963 and divorced in 1972. She has two sons.[1]


Prior to her film work, Nolan had a career as a glamour model under the name of Vicki Kennedy, even posing for Playboy magazine. Entering films in 1963 in Saturday Night Out (1964) saw her catapulted into Goldfinger (1964).

Margaret Nolan

Margaret Nolan as Dink in Goldfinger[2]

Her roles in the "Carry On..." films is probably her best remembered work in cinema. Often cast mainly for her fabulous buxom figure and good looks, Margaret was perfectly cast in Carry on Girls (1973), made six "Carry On..." performances in all and was very successful in all of her roles, displaying good comedy acting skills.[3]




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