Mrs Bung was a forceful woman who was afraid of change - even objecting to the presence of a telephone in the house.

In November 1906, Emily's mother died. Sgt Bung would refer to this in reply to Emily's accusation about him not taking her out for years, by stating they went out 'a couple of months ago', only for her to point out that occasion was due to their attendance at the mother's funeral.

In January 1907 she followed her husband to Holcombe Woods. She is unaware that the 'Shop girl' with him is actually Constable Slobotham in diguise, who is acting as bait for the creature which has been snatching women from the woods over the past year. While in the woods, Emily is snatched by Oddbod Junior and taken to Bide-a-Wee, where she is transformed into a shop dummy.

Following the destruction of Bide-a-Wee Emily, still in her transformed state, is retrieved by Sgt Bung, and placed on display in his house.


  1. Conjecture, based on the age of Joan Sims at the time of filming (Feburary-March 1966), assuming that the events of the film occur in January 1907
  2. Conjecture. When Slobotham states the Emily is as hard as a rock, Bung retorts 'You don't have to tell me that - I've been married to her for fifteen years! However, Slobotham is speaking literally, as Emily has been transformed into a shop dummy by this point.