Carry On Film
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Some of the Helping Hands prepare for a mucky job[1]

Alternative Title(s) None
Production Info
Director Gerald Thomas
Screenplay by Norman Hudis
Producer Peter Rogers
Music Bruce Montgomery
Cinematography Alan Hume
Editor John Shirley
Initial Release 20 March 1961[2]
Colour Black & White
Running Time 90 min
Certificate U
IMDB Reference tt0054727
Previous Film Constable
Next Film Cruising

Plot Edit

Bert Handy (Sid James) is the boss of the Helping Hands agency - and he needs more hands on deck. His business, which promises to help - whatever the situation - is short of staff. They've had no response from a vacancy notice in The Times, and it looks like Bert will have to delay the enterprise's grand opening.

At the Labour Exchange, however, they've got different ideas. Aristocratic jobseeker Montgomery Infield-Hopping (Terence Longdon) spots the Helping Hands advert in the paper. When he disappears to seek out Bert, the other out of work hopefuls join him in hotfooting it to the agency. The raucous rabble burst into the bureau and offer the baffled Bert their services. The phlegmatic front man offers them all a job. 'Seven - that's my lucky number', he says to his assistant Miss Cooling (Esma Cannon) 'You're all hired!'

It's hardly a Magnificent Seven. Aside from Infield-Hopping, there's the pint sized Sam Twist (Kenneth Connor), the vain and snooty Francis Courtney (Kenneth Williams) and a chirpy cockney, Mike Weston (Bill Owen). The effete Gabriel Dimple (Charles Hawtrey) is another hired hand who turns out to be far from handy, and he's joined by the lovely Delia King (Liz Fraser) and the fortright Lily Duveen (Joan Sims).

Delia gets the first job. She's trying out glamorous outfits for young Mr Deling (Jimmy Thompson), who wants to buy some clothes as an anniversary present for his wife, but when Mrs Deling (Carol Shipley) returns home early, she'll think he's the one whose been trying it on - with the delightful Delia! Swiftly hustled into a cupboard, the Helping Hand finally emerges in a very unconvincing disguise - as a workman in a trench coat and trilby! Mrs Delling is left bewildered, but she doesn't suspect a thing![2]


Hattie Jacques was originally contracted to play a leading role in the Helping Hands agency. Unfortunately she was forced to bow out due to ill health, and her part was extensively rewritten for newcomer Liz Fraser, with Hattie rallying round to make a brief appearance during the hospital sequence.[2]

Cast Edit


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